Slow Dance™

Slow Dance™ is a product developed by Wonder Machines. They first got their break on Kickstarter. Slow Dance™ makes things move in ways you never thought possible. For all those who love mystery, beauty, and wonder, they will love Slow Dance™.

Project Scope

To design a logo for Slow Dance™ that can function as both a two-colour and single-colour version. Develop a unique and significant namestyle that conveys the wonder and business activity of Slow Dance™.

Project Goals

  • Create a captivating and natural looking logo for Slow Dance™, a product of Wonder Machines.
  • Must be legible at both large and small scale, ranging from hanging wall signs to business cards and product wood burns.
  • The logo must be visually interesting, intriguing, and impactful, while showing the softness and natural flow of nature, and the values of Slow Dance™ and Wonder Machines.

Slow Dance Logo

Slow Dance Logo black and white

The Application

The final product is important, but how it’s executed in the products branding says a lot about the company and how it utilizes its products and marketing strategies. Here are some product mockups to illustrate the diversity and flexibility of the Slow Dance™ logo.

Slow Dance hanging wall sign
Slow Dance logo on business card
Slow Dance packaging closed
Slow Dance packaging open
Slow Dance product display