Obsolete Components

Obsolete Components is a group of individuals located in Toronto, Ontario that specialize in producing high-quality electronic music and adventure the world looking and listening for sounds to add to their collection. They record, mesh, and combine sounds to create smooth and eccentric sounds that are then pressed to records or tape. The good old fashioned sounds.

Project Scope

To design and create the label for Obsolete Components’ OCV3 record while keeping to the unique style and feel of the music and business.

Project Goals

  • To create the label for Obsolete Components’ OCV3 record
  • Make use of the specific company fonts and style for optimal graphic and final product feel
  • Ensure all information needed is listed out in a simple, minimalistic form that is easily legible
  • Be sure all content is within the guidelines and restrictions of the printing and recording company standards.
Obsolete Components record label

Obsolete Components Side B