INFORMANT is an international newsgathering organization that focus’s on bringing headline news from the decision-makers in the business community and in particular, journalists working in print, screen, and radio. It is a well informed  source of current affairs within the realms of high-quality business-to-business consultancy.

Project Scope

To design a namestyle for an international journalism company called INFORMANT that can function as both a two-colour and single-colour version. Develop a unique and significant namestyle that conveys the essence of INFORMANT’s business activity.

Project Goals

  • To build an identity for an international journalism company INFORMANT.
  • Must be legible at both large and small scale, ranging from sides of buildings to business cards and mugs.
  • Create a clean design while keeping the high quality reputation for impeccable journalism and news gathering

Informant Logo

Informant Business CardsInformant Mug Design

A Few That Didn’t Make the Cut

The final product is important in determining and matching what the client’s needs were, and the overall goal, but the process in getting to the solution is also vitally important. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut or aided in the final product.

Informant cut oneinformant cut two