HFDR Construction

HFDR Construction is a London, Ontario based company that focuses on small to medium sized commercial businesses and their construction or major renovation needs. As one of the few companies in London that deal with commercial business renovations, they require a strong brand and visual identity that will allow them to stand out against their competitors and help reach the appropriate audience.

Project Scope

To design a logo and band guidelines for HFDR Construction. This should have a more professional look for commercial businesses rather than residential and incorporate an elegant, luxurious feel.

Project Goals

  • To create a memorable and strong logo design for HFDR Construction.
  • Must be legible at both large and small scale as this could be presented on business cards, letterheads, websites, and stationary products.
  • Build branding guidelines to ensure the corporate identity is not misused or distorted in any way.

HFDR Construction Logo

A Few That Didn’t Make the Cut

The final product is important in determining and matching what the client’s needs were, and the overall goal, but the process in getting to the solution is also vitally important. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut or aided in the final product.

HFDR-Sketches3 HFDR-Sketches2 HFDR-Sketches1