I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on print design and advertising, web design and content-management systems, and corporate branding and identities.


Mike Laforet portrait photo

—Michael Laforet—

As a intermediate designer focusing on branding and interactive design, I’ve worked with a multitude of different brands, assisting in the development and implementation of their brands. I approach each project by bringing the brand to the forefront and focusing on the simplest versions of their challenges. This helps structure the foundation for future growth and expansion in any medium, whether it be digital or print.


As a creative person, I am a froward-thinking, ambitious individual who always takes pride in what I do. I am constantly watching for new trends, new programs and tricks to make the design process simpler, and new articles and tips to expand and improve my skills.


As a person, I am a natural team leader who is constantly looking to improve things for the greater good. I’ve been known to simplify processes and assist in speeding up production by sharing keyboard shortcuts or easier ways to do tasks. I love learning and always keep an open mind, as I know I am nowhere near perfect. I love bouncing ideas off another person, whether they are creative or not! I feed off the energy in the room I’m in.

I Do My Research

One of the most vital things during a project is the amount of research that’s done. If there isn’t enough knowledge of the industry, competitors, and customers, the project will not succeed.

I Design For You

I approach each project with a process and foundation that’s focused on identifying the unique qualities of the brand in order to develop a well balanced communication plan and brief. Creating a brief with all the required information is the key difference between understanding exactly what the client requests compared to what’s interpreted.

Stunning Ideas

While I adore having the challenge of creating a beautiful design, I do it because I enjoy it. Creating an identity of a company that will allow them to portray a specific message and tone to the world is very satisfying.


What Makes Me Different?


I approach each project with an open mind knowing it can go in any such direction.


I ask questions. Lots of them. Every project deserves a briefing, regardless of the size or scope of the work required. If I don’t understand a piece of the puzzle, I ensure I receive clarification. After gathering all the information required, I don’t stop there. I still listen, learn, and explore, until we discover a solid solution that’s tailored to the client’s needs and their customers.


Have an Idea?

I can help you bring it to life!