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  • messi
    Lionel Messi promo
  • Top 10 Hacks for Getting to the Gym squared
    Fitness Infographic
  • Spring Forward. Fitness circuit
    Fitness Graphics
  • Slow Dance logo
    Slow Dance™
  • HFDR Construction Title
    HFDR Construction
  • Prohibited Brewery Cans
    Prohibited Bewery
  • Start.ca flyer square feature image
    Start Communications
  • AIAI website mockup
  • e.p.i.c. school website mockup
    e.p.i.c. School
  • Knowledge Drop Main Website
    Knowledge Drop
  • Obsolete Components Side B
    Obsolete Components
  • Informant Logo
  • NationWorks Business Cards
  • Beach Road Mastering
    Beach Road Mastering
  • Tastebuds Magazine cover

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What Makes Me Different?


I approach each project with an open mind knowing it can go in any such direction.


I ask questions. Lots of them. If I don’t understand a piece of the puzzle, I make sure to get clarification. Then I listen, learn, and explore, until we discover a solution that’s tailored to the client’s needs.


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